Steve Wozniak Speaking FeeCo-founder of Apple Inc. and inventor Steve Wozniak has been named one of this summer’s Global Business Travel Association speakers that is happening in Orlando, Florida on July 28. The event itself is one of the largest functions for businessmen to connect, network, and discuss different approaches to how to be successful internationally. The whole conference itself will run from July 25 through July 29th, and is expected to bring in as many as 7,000 different industry professionals. Wozniak will only be speaking on July 26, when the GBTA will also be hosting the convention’s first-ever media day.

Wozniak is the co-founder of the Apple Inc. in which he and the late Steve Jobs managed to bring to life together. The two of them met during college and became an instant hit, which led them to the design of some of the first apple computers. Wozniak left the company full time in the late 80’s, but to this day continues to be a part time employee while he peruses other ventures as well. He goes around the world and speaks at numerous events, and he is also a college professor too.

He will be attending and speaking at this year’s Global Business Travel Associations conference in Orlando, Florida on July 26 and it is sure to draw in quite a crowd. As influential as Apple is even today, it goes without saying that there will be a high amount of interest to hear what he has to say from the attendees.

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