Alexis Ohanian Speaking FeeReddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian attended this year’s SXSW conference in Austin, Texas to show people how brands can find authenticity and revitalize their businesses the way they need to. He took the time to share his thoughts on how Reddit can help brands grow and “win” the internet over, which was amazing insight for some of the small and big business owners present. Ohanian also answered questions and shared words about his own life to show everyone how being an entrepreneur and innovator is a constant work in progress, and is often not just a solo job.

The Brooklyn, New York native grew up in a multicultural home and attended the University of Virginia which he graduated from in 2005 with degrees in both history and commerce. It was at college that Ohanian first met with Steve Huffman, the other co-founder of Reddit, and the two of them began to build their idea for the social news website. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Ohanian is also a skilled investor who went out and additionally co-founded Initialized Capital, Instacart, Zenefits, Opendoor and Cruise.

Ohanian went to the SXSW conference that took place in Austin, Texas earlier this year. The event was a huge success, and lots of fantastic information was delivered.

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