Bobby Flay And Michael Symon Speaking FeeCelebrity chef Bobby Flay has been announced as a co-host for this upcoming summer’s Autism Speaks Gala event that’s happening in Cleveland, Ohio on August 6th. The gala will be taking place inside the Cleveland Convention Center and is expected to bring in over 700 people in attendance. Flay will be joining his friend and cooking colleague Chef Michael Symon in hopes of raising as much money as they did a couple of years ago at the same event, which totaled to more than $250,000. All of the funds raised at the Autism Speaks Gala goes to benefit and support people who have to live with autism and many other disorders that directly affect the brain. Flay and Symon will joined by 25 other successful local chefs, and together they will all be speaking and putting on quite an interesting show.

The New York native dropped out of high school at a young age and began to work his first job in the pizza industry, which was also his first job working with food. He then took another position as a salad maker at Joe Allen Restaurant located in Manhattan and caught the eye of Joe Allen himself, who offered to pay for him to attend the French Culinary Institute in the New York City area. After graduating in 1984, Flay continued to thrive in his new career path and ended up opening a few restaurants and making a big name for himself in the culinary world. In addition to that, Flay has been on several television programs such as “Food Nation”, “Worst Cooks in America”, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” and several other shows on the Food Network. The chef also hosts his own radio talk show once a week on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

Flay will be joining his good friend Michael Symon to co-host this year’s Autism Speaks Gala that’s happening in Cleveland this August. The duo are expected to bring in several hundred people to attend the event, and hopefully they are able to make it a successful fundraiser.

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