Co-founder of Capodagli Jackson Consulting and American author of “The Disney Way,” Bill Capodagli was the keynote speaker for the business symposium that was put on by the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce in Florida. In his talks, the author discussed how Disney management techniques can benefit many Southwest Florida business owners and executives to grow their own companies and produce better results. A lot of these tips and tricks were taken into account by the audience, who learned a lot about trusting employees, setting a great mood in the working environment, and developing a team-based approach to solving problems and overcoming challenging obstacles. It was a very informative and beneficial speech that is going to help companies all over the country grow in their own fields.

The creative consultant has used his skills to help businesses all over the world, and has a talent for telling stories and writing in a way that easily incorporates things into the business side of his life. His first book, “The Disney Way: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company” was recognized as one of the most useful and progressive business books on the market by Fortune Magazine. In 1993, Capodagli co-founded his own consulting company called Capodagli Jackson Consulting and has become one of the most recognized storyteller and motivational speakers about the Disney culture.

Capodagli recently spoke in Florida at the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Business Symposium recently and was able to give his listeners some transforming information to better their lives and work.

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